Teachers T.V

Have you experienced teachers TV yet?

Segments on Teachers TV can be an excellent way to stimulate an interest in looking at other ways to solve maths problems. If like me you are looking for different approaches to maths – then check it out and tune in. They are excellent for interactive whiteboard demonstration.

Using the link below, I have selected a 15 minute, eight mini lesson segments to demonstrate the material and its potential as a springboard into teaching and exploring particular mathematical concepts.

Some of the T.V. clips are supported by printable materials. Follow the second link to the corresponding resource materials

Synopsis of selected segment

These eight lesson starts for senior maths pupils present a dramatised situation that highlights a mathematical problem.

Bring your maths lessons to life with the following:

  • Using angles to find Pirate Kate’s lost treasure
  • Using fractions and percentage to help Nateisha with her packed lunch survey
  • Using division in both The Thief’s Problem and The Puppy Problem
  • Exploring volume and division in Mrs Hanson’s Problem
  • Using multiplication in both Piggy’s Problem and The Train Problem
  • Using percentages in The Cake Problem


A suitable year group is suggested for each lesson start, reflected by a tile board at the start of each problem, where the topic is also indicated.

Resources to support the 8 lesson starts as follows: