Line graph template

Here are three topics that would provide suitable focus material and results for display as a line graph.

Full House or Some Absent?

How many students are there in your class? How many of those students have come to school today? Track the number of absentees by making a line graph that shows how many students are absent each day.

The Jelly Bean Jar

Put 250 bean counters in a jar. On day one, remove a handful of beans from the jar. Count the beans you remove. On day two, remove another handful of beans and count them. Continue to remove beans once a day for a week. Show the number of beans that remained in the jar each day on a line graph.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Do you have a plant growing in your classroom? Measure its height once a week for several weeks. Track its growth on a line graph.

On the same graph, make another line that shows how much water you gave the plant each week. Do you see a relationship between the two lines?