Pie chart template

In later years, a set of questions should be compiled at the outset as this gives a central focus to the survey and will determine what information needs to be gathered for analysis. Surveys are carried out for a reason. Pupils can enter into speculation before the results are tabulated and this will add another exciting dimension

Strawberry, Vanilla, or Chocolate

What flavour of ice cream do you like the best? Make a pie chart that shows your class’s answers. Speculation: ask the pupils to secretly write down which of five given flavours of ice cream will be the most popular. They cannot reveal their opinion until the class has been surveyed.

Musical Know How

Do you play a musical instrument? What kind? Survey the students in your class. Make a pie chart that shows how many students play the guitar, the piano, the violin, and other instruments. Be sure to include a piece of the pie for students who do not play an instrument at all.

What’s the Subject?

What is your favourite school subject? Ask the students in your class this question and collect the information using tally marks. Then turn the data you collect into a pie chat.

Count your Siblings

Are you the oldest or the youngest child in your family? Are you a middle child, or an only child? Gather information from your classmates, and put the results into a pie chart. Then answer the question: Does most of the class have more than two or less than two siblings?