Picture graph template

Picture graphs are ideal for representing a set of data in the junior classes. The data collected should come from the children’s  immediate environment. Here are five useful jumping in points:

Fruity Favourites

Fruit is delicious. It is also good for you. Use pictures of fruit or play fruit to show which fruits you like the best. Use them to make a graph that shows which fruits are most and least popular in your classroom. Have a set of small blank cards, give one to each pupil and ask each to draw their favourite fruit.

Left or Right?

Are you left- or right-handed? Trace a picture of your dominant hand. Cut it out. Make a picture graph to show how many students are left- or right-handed. Which are there more of in your class, lefties or righties?

Lunchbox Survey

What is in your lunchbox? Draw a picture of each item, and cut it out. Make a graph or chart to answer the following questions:

How many students brought sandwiches?

How many brought fruit?

Who had the greatest number of items in their lunchbox?

Who had the fewest?

What’s the Weather?

Use a calendar to make a weather chart. Use a sun picture for each sunny day, a cloud picture for each rainy day, a snowflake for snow, etc. Keep track of the weather for one month. How many sunny days were there? How many rainy days?

Sports Fans!

What is your favourite sport to play? Use pictures to make a chart that shows the class’s favourite sports. Then make a new chart that shows how many students like to play each sport.