Interactive teaching programmes

Activity 8: Decimal number line

Synopsis: This ITP allows you to select an interval from a given number line and show that interval as a second number line divided into ten equal parts but on a bigger scale. This can then be repeated to create a third number line that represents an interval on the second number line. Initially the ITP shows a number line spanning 0 to 100. This can be adjusted to show intervals of different lengths with different starting numbers.

Clicking on the hidden buttons below the number line creates an interval displayed as a hidden number line. Clicking on the circular ‘hide/show’ button will reveal the ten equal divisions between the two selected numbers of the interval. The square ‘show numbers’ button will reveal or hide the numbers above the divisions in the interval. The ITP can be used to refine children’s understanding of the decimal number system and to practise and develop their estimation skills. A marker can be placed at different points on a number line.

Explanatory notes on activity (Word 123KB)

Open and investigate activity (SWF 37KB)