Tricky word sheets

There are many keywords that are irregular. These cannot be spelt accurately by listening for the sounds. These are called the ‘tricky words’ and have to be learnt.

It is only part of a tricky word that is irregular. By looking closely, children can find which part is regular and which part is ‘tricky’. They can be told the words are out to ‘trick’ them. This will help them remember how to spell the word.

Photocopiable pages contain the most commonly used tricky words. These should start being introduced when half the letter sounds have been taught. Two new words a week is a good pace, with plenty of revision of the tricky words already learnt. The children would be expected to recognise the words for reading before being asked to spell them correctly.

One of the most effective ways of learning to spell these words is to form them in the air in joined handwriting, saying the letter names, then writing the words several times on paper, again saying the letter names.