Homework writing sheets - part 2

The first of the Homework Writing Sheets has simple, three letter, phonically regular words. The second sheet has supplementary three letter words which are useful for the children who need more practice. Sheets with four and more letter words follow on the same basis. The last four sheets have words with vowels written in different ways. As this requires a certain amount of memory they can be limited to the more advanced children.

On the last photocopy sheet (page 299) are several strips of instructions for parents, one of which can be sent home with each child with their Homework Writing Sheet.

Simple 3 letter words 191

Simple 3 letter words (Supplementary words) 192

Simple 4+ letter words 193

Simple 4+ letter words (Supplementary words) 194

Advanced words (ai/a-e/ay, etc.) 195

Advanced words (ai/a-e/qy, etc.) 196

Advanced words (oi/oy etc.) 197

Advanced words (oi/oy, etc.) 198

Instruction strips for parents 199