Homework writing sheets - part 1

Approximately 40% of our words are so regular that they can be spelt correctly by listening for the sounds and writing the letters that relate to those sounds. Examples of such words are: ‘went, run, left, splendid’, etc. As this is such a large percentage, it is important for children to practise ‘sounding out’ and writing these words. The Homework Writing Sheets in the Jolly Phonics Programme are designed for this and are a good way of developing independent writing. Most children are ready to start this work towards the end of the first term and should be able to write a page on their own by the end of a year.

The Homework Writing Sheets can be photocopied and the child’s name written at the bottom of the page. One group of words is then cut off and sent home in the child’s Homework Writing Book, along with the instructions that ask the parents to dictate the words to their child. When the book returns, the work is marked, and the next group of words is cut off the named sheet and sent home. The children should be encouraged to use joined writing.

Most children bring the book back the next day, not because it is demanded but because they are enthusiastic. Not all the words have to be correct before giving the next group of words. You look at the mistakes and go over them with the child. Perhaps they haven’t listened for the sounds carefully enough or they don’t know how to write some letters. If they are coping quite well, you give them the next 10 words.