Missing sounds

Independent writing, by listening for the sounds and writing the letters, needs to be developed gradually. The progressive work-sheets in the Phonics Handbook are designed for this purpose.

This set of sheets has pictures with dashes underneath. Ask the children to listen for the sounds and put the letters on the dashes. If this is too difficult you could write in some of the letters and leave only one to be filled in.

Other pages cover some of the following words:

1: pot, bat, pen, pig, ten, mug, egg, sun, bed

2: mat, dog, cup, pin, net, ant, bun, tap, six

3: star, snail, hook, pie, boat, oil, tree, moon, fort

4: hand, frog, tent, crab, pram, nest, drum, vest, flag

5: fish, duck, ring, shop, chin, ship, moth, queen, chick

Sentence Sheets

This set of sheets has a missing word in a sentence. It is much the same as the first set, except there is a little reading to do as well.