Matching letters, words and pictures

These sheets can be used in several ways to help the children learn to read and write. For example:

  1. Stick each sheet on card. Separate the pictures, letters and words. Lay the first group of pictures out and get the children to listen for the initial sound and put the appropriate letter under the picture. This can be reversed and the letters put down first and the children match the pictures to the initial letters. After the first three sheets the initial letter is not always applicable and the children may have to listen for a medial or final sound. Later, the words can be put down and the children have to blend the sounds, read the words and put the appropriate picture underneath. Likewise this can be reversed.

  1. Pairs Games can be made. Either pair the letters to the pictures or the words to the pictures.

  1. Independent Writing – lay the pictures out for the children to draw. Then they write the words underneath, by listening for the sounds and writing the letters.