Word box sheets

These groups of words have been graded to progress from the very simple, using the earliest learnt sounds, to more complex multi-syllabic words. Their main function is to achieve greater fluency and to provide practice in blending letters before the introduction of reading books.

Care should be taken to introduce them only when the children can hear words that they have sounded out by themselves. In this way a sense of achievement is experienced by all children. These groups of words provide the stepping stones between letters, words and books.

Once the children have reached this stage, they are eager to practise their skills at home. If there is parental help the children progress through this stage more quickly. Most children can manage a new group of words each night.

Inevitably the children with good visual memories will be able to read some words without saying the sounds. This is to be encouraged but should not be demanded. The aim here is to develop the skill of actually working out words, rather than developing visual memory.