Paint and colour resources

Basic colours

  • Two reds: 1. crimson - essential for mixing purples 2. vermilion -¬†essential for mixing oranges
  • Two blues: ultramarine cerulean or cyan
  • Two yellows: 1. cadmium yellow 2. yellow ochre -¬†a yellow earth colour yellow should be kept in large supply
  • One green: viridian a variety of greens can be mixed from the basic yellows and blues
  • One brown: burnt sienna
  • White: four times as much as any other
  • Black

Umber and lemon yellow are also recommended, but not at the expense of the reds or blues. It is advisable to have a large supply of the basic colours, from which to mix oranges, purples and pastel shades. Mixing colours allows for greater versatility. Skills and a store of experiences are developed through striving to achieve the desired colours and shades.