Part 4: Identifying the sounds in words

Letter board

This can be made from a large piece of card. Three strips of card are then stapled across so that letters can be slotted into the strips. The vowels are placed on the top row and some consonants that will be needed for making words on the bottom row.

The teacher asks a child to make a word by putting the letters in the middle strip. For example, with the word ‘end’, the children listen for the sounds and a child is chosen to pick out the letters and place them in the correct left to right order.

Then the teacher might ask, ‘Who can add a letter to make the word into ‘send?’ This word building could continue by including ‘spend’ and ‘spending’.

Regular use of the letter board shows the children, in a practical way, how regular words are built up.

Use of these techniques can be seen in the Introduction to Jolly Phonics video in module 1.