Part 4: Identifying the sounds in words

Rhymes etc

Other ways of encouraging children to listen to the sounds in words are through rhymes, verse or song, and through the following activities:

  1. Word Families, e.g. cat, hat, bat, fat, rat
  2. Hearing the word after the initial sound has gone, example shown right.
  3. Cutting off a sound at a time – ‘The Chopping Game’. The teacher says a whole word, such as ‘splash’, and then the children say the word without the first sound. This continues until there is only one sound left. For example: ‘splash …plash …lash …ash …sh’.
  4. Hear the number of beats (syllables) in a word. The teacher says a word and the children tap out the number of syllables, e.g. ‘a-cro-bat’.