Measures in the primary curriculum

Exploring money - fourth, fifth and sixth class

Content for fourth class

The child should be enabled to

  • Rename amounts of money as euro or cents and record using e symbol and decimal point e.g. 125 cents = €1.25 or €3.56 = 356 cents
  • Solve and complete practical one-step and two-step problems and tasks involving the addition, subtraction, multiplication and simple division of money.

Content for fifth class

The child should be enabled to

  • Compare ‘value for money’ using unitary method
    Compare the cost of 6 apples costing 75 cents and 4 apples costing 50 cents.
    Calculate pay, based on hourly or daily rate.
    Calculate totals of shop bills.

Content for sixth class

The child should be enabled to

  • Explore value for money.
    Calculate sale prices, e.g. 10% discount, 20% VAT added.
  • Convert other currencies to euro and vice versa.
    Identify and discuss exchange rates from newspaper?
    Calculate major currency equivalents for basic sums of euro.
    Convert sums of money in other currencies to euro equivalents.