Measures in the primary curriculum

Exploring time - fourth, fifth and sixth class

Content for fourth class

The child should be enabled to

  • Consolidate and develop further a sense of time passing
  • Read time in one-minute intervals on analogue and digital clock (12-hour)
  • Express digital time as analogue time and vice versa
  • Read and interpret simple timetables.
  • Rename minutes as hours and hours as minutes
  • Read dates from calendars and express weeks as days and vice versa
  • Solve and complete practical tasks and problems involving times and dates and the addition and subtraction of hours and minutes.
    Practical problems that can be readily checked by measurement.
    Add hours and minutes separately e.g. 4 hours 45 minutes + 3 hours 25 minutes = 7 hours 70 min




Content for fifth class

The child should be enabled to

  • Read and interpret timetables and the 24-hour clock (digital and analogue) e.g. bus, train, air, ship, films, theatre, school, class
  • Interpret and convert between times in 12-hour and 24-hour format e.g. 10:30 p.m. = 22:30 hours or 07:50 hours = 7:50 a.m.

Content for sixth class

The child should be enabled to

  • Explore international time zones.
    Identify and discuss the need for time zones calculate time differences between Ireland and other countries?
  • Explore the relationship between time, distance and average speed.
    Measure, using a stop-watch, the time taken for short journeys to be completed or short distances to be covered and compile database to examine averages.