Measures in the primary curriculum


Geography: The physical world

  • Read time in five-minute intervals on analogue and digital clock (12-hour).
    Count in fives up and down number line, hundred square and clock face.
    Construct simple clock face and relate intervals e.g. quarter hour = 15 min = 3 x 5 min.
    Discuss and record times of a variety of common events, school and home activities along with television programmes.
  • Record time in analogue and digital forms.
  • Read and interpret simple timetables such as school, bus, train or television schedules
  • Rename minutes as hours and hours as minutes.
    Confine work to five-minute intervals e.g. 70 min = 1 hour 10 min.
  • Read dates from calendars and express weeks as days and vice versa.
    Collect and record significant personal dates and dates in life of school and family.
  • Solve and complete practical tasks and problems involving times and dates?
    Practical problems that can be readily checked by measurement.