Part 3: Reading (blending)

How to blend words - part 3

One exciting way for developing this skill is for the teacher to do only the actions for a word. For example, with the word ‘pig’ the teacher does the actions for the letter sounds, in this case puffing on the finger for the ‘p’, wiggling fingers on the nose for the ‘i’ and spiralling hand downwards for the ‘g’ sound. The children try and work out the word and either write it down or tell their teacher. As a change, a child can pretend to be the teacher and have a turn miming the sounds for a word.

Another simple way to develop blending sounds in the head is to put letters randomly on the board. Then the letters can be pointed to, one after the other, to make a word. The children watch this and try and put the sounds together in their head and identify the word.