Part 3: Reading (blending)

Types of words

There are two types of sounds in English. One sort makes a pure continuous sound, e.g. ssssssssssssss, fffffffffff, rrrrrrrrrrrr, mmmmmmmm, nnnnnnnn, vvvvvvvvv.

The others have a ‘schwa’ on the end of them. The schwa is like an ‘uh’ sound on the end of the letter sounds, e.g. ‘b’ cannot be said without a ’schwa’-buh. The continuous sounds can be said with or without the ’schwa’.

The ’schwa’ sound is very similar to the the short /u/sound, but it is softer or weaker.  The schwa phonics sound is the /uh/ sound of a vowel in an unstressed syllable.

Here are some words which will help you ‘hear’ the schwa phonics sound. (Please note dialect will always be an issue).    Schwa says the short /uh/ sound in:

The first vowel sound in /about/
The vowel sound in /but/
The last sound in /the/