Part 2: Learning letter formation

Pencil hold

For young children to learn fluent, neat handwriting they need to be taught how to hold their pencil, and form their letters correctly. Early mastery is well worth the extra effort. Anyone who has tried to correct an older child’s bad pencil hold, or incorrect formation, knows how difficult, if not impossible, it can be. It is much better to get it correct from the start.

The pencil rests between the thumb and the first finger, the next finger prevents the pencil falling down and the last two fingers are tucked away.

The hand rests on the table and the movement of the pencil is through the thumb and first finger. It is important that the knuckles point outwards. Young children are amused if their fingers are likened to ‘froggy legs’. They move the pencil forwards and backwards with their ‘froggy legs’!