Part 1: Learning the letter sounds

Suggested storyline for ‘i’ sound

The family gets a new pet white mouse. That night the mouse gets out. It jumps on the desk and knocks over the ink bottle. Ink splashes over the mouse. After that the mouse is named ‘Inky’.

Flash Card: Teacher shows the letter ‘i’.

Action: Children pretend to be Inky Mouse and wiggle their fingers on the end of their nose saying i i i i i i.

Letter Formation: Teacher shows how to form the letter ‘i’. Children form the letter in the air.

Further Phonics: The teacher tells the children that ‘i’ is another vowel. When children have a better knowledge of the sounds, they can be told that words do not like to end in ‘i’ (shy ‘i’), so ‘y’ (toughy ‘y’) takes its place in words such as ‘sunny, mummy, silly, happy’, etc.