Part 1: Learning the letter sounds

Rate of introduction

The first letter sound can be introduced on the children’s first day. Their enthusiasm for learning is high and this provides a meaningful start for them. Some teachers might prefer to complete a range of pre-reading readiness activities before embarking on the structured scheme.

It is recommended that the letter sounds are introduced at the rate of one letter sound a day. Although it may seem a lot at first, children are able to cope with it and look forward to their new letter sound every day. All the 42 letter sounds are introduced at this rate so that they have been covered after about 9 weeks. The result is that children become competent readers much sooner, and can use all these letter sounds to produce more expressive independent writing at a much earlier stage.

If the children are younger than five, or there are other special factors, then the rate of teaching the letter sounds is likely to be slower.