IWB: sample literacy activities

Morning news

Open a word processing program such as Microsoft Word, and select a font such as Comic sans at 70pt size. Write a sentence up on the interactive whiteboard word by word. The handwriting recognition software converts the word as written in the teachers own handwriting using the whiteboard stylus pen into standard Times New Roman. As the teacher writes the software converts.


Today is Monday

We are in school today

It is a sunny morning

Thomas has a new schoolbag

He got it in Dunnes Stores

This is writing as dictated by the pupils and scribed by the teacher onto the interactive whiteboard. It can be saved into a folder as ‘Morning News’ and added to day by day, building into a collection of high interest reading material for the pupils.

Using the power of interactive whiteboard technology we can further exploit this piece of writing in a way not possible if it had been ‘written in chalk on a blackboard’.

  • We can alter the text size and font
  • We can change ‘Today’ into red font, ‘Thomas’ into green font, ‘It’ into blue font etc. Now I can ask different children to identify the red word or the green word or the blue word etc.
  • I could number the sentences and further break them up for visual ease of reading and then call on children to read particular sentences in turn.
  • We could have a speech synthesis program read the morning news back to the children.
  • We can instantly add a suitable picture or print numerous copies out for the pupils to take home and read

Subject to non infringement of copyright we could scan pages from the pupil readers and use them on the interactive whiteboard, poster size for discussion and further language development. The pages can be written on and annotated. It’s like having extra large posters of everything at a click.