Literacy and ICT

With regard to literacy this means:

  1. Pupils can engage with text in ways not possible with paper based materials
  2. Pupils can experience the interrelated nature of different areas of language - speaking and listening, writing and reading
  3. Pupils can focus on the contents at different levels - word, sentence and text level
  4. The development of reading and writing can be enhanced through - simulations, E-mail, fax, the Internet, interactive books etc
  5. Pupils can make links between writer and audience - they are able to adapt the presentation and organisation of their writing to meet the needs of different audiences. They can prepare websites and multimedia presentations.
  6. There is flexibility in that the same piece of work can be used for different pupils in different ways
  7. Teachers can respond to different stages in pupils’ writing, with some programs summative and diagnostic information can be provided. A saved or printed version of the work can be kept as a record.
  8. ICT can support and enhance the study of literary texts, for example by using a split screen to look at different texts or using grammar checks to analyse texts