Literacy and ICT

Using ICT to support learning

There are many benefits to using ICT to teach literacy. It allows the teacher to produce and modify resources quickly and easily. It allows access to a wide range of information in different formats. The pupils can engage directly with the area of literacy they are focusing on.

Teachers can use different drafts to assess how work is progressing and what input is needed. Some software is able to assess the children’s work and provide useful information. Using a large screen or overhead projector the teacher can focus the children’s attention on different aspects of the text.

The number of activities and resources is vast. Teachers need to be able to make judgements about when and why they should use ICT. It is not always appropriate. It should be only used if it allows the teacher or children to do something they would not otherwise have been able to do, or if it improves the teaching or learning. Recent guidelines indicate that ICT should be used to support learning in specific subjects but in Ireland it is not seen as being a subject in its own right. This has implications for management of time and resources.