The visual elements

Line exercises

Choose one media and draw in response to words dictated by the teacher e.g. a bumpy line, a busy line, a tired line etc.  Remember it is a personal response – there are many types of bumpy lines!

Draw a collection of your own lines and the words that describe them.

As a group activity allow each child in turn to draw a line on the same piece of paper – long or short, thick or thin using a range of media.  Repeat – each turn requires a new line from each child.  Lines can be drawn next to each other but should not cross.  When there are plenty of lines on the paper encourage children to work freely, no longer taking turns – to use any part of the paper to match and extend the lines already there.  Continue until the paper is full.

Draw a collection of lines on half a piece of paper – give it to your neighbour to continue the lines by carefully matching them.  Match and continue the marks found in part of a line drawing – taken from a magazine, newspaper or artist’s work.

Match the lines on a photocopy of e.g. ½ a feather to complete it.  Next draw a feather from observation.