Approaches to drawing

What does drawing involve?

Drawing is a process that involves a great deal of exploration and experimentation. It involves the working out and thinking about ideas – using a sketch book in the senior classes – and discussion with both the teacher and other children about their work and that of other artists. The best support to drawing is a teacher who generates careful looking through discussion and questions using the language of art to heighten children’s awareness of the qualities of the stimulus material or the media they are going to use.

It is essential to offer a range of drawing materials that enable children to explore and experiment in order to discover their characteristics and in turn to use the experience to select what will be most suitable for a future drawing e.g. if children are drawing feathers, a fine pen might be appropriate – charcoal might be better for buildings etc. Teachers need to watch for opportunities to encourage personal control of the media – to name it, describe it, hold it and use it. To heighten the awareness of the other possibilities the media might have – using different surfaces, altering pressure, smudging, combining with other media e.g. overdrawing on a painting to add detail.