Our aim on this course is to offer help to teachers in each of these areas so that they are in a better position to pass on the scientific message to children.

However, the most important thing is how do children who pick up the message feel about science as a result and the best way to answer that is to let them speak for themselves. The following comments came from a sixth class who had got to grips with investigative work and were then asked if there was any difference between the way they did Science now and the way they had done it in the past. This is what they said……

“We didn’t ask a question of our own before.”

“We have to decide a lot more for ourselves now.”

“Before it was just like …….. oh, do the experiment and then write about it, but now we have to really think about it.”

“Our teacher doesn’t really have to help us any more. We do it on our own now.”

“It’s a lot more fun doing it this way.”

More confidence, more independence, more thinking, more fun…….even if it takes us a while to get there, it’s got to be worth it.