Environmental awareness and care in the science curriculum

First and second class 

Strand unit: Caring for my locality

The child should be enabled to:

  • Identify, discuss and appreciate the natural and human features of the local environment
  • Observe and develop an awareness of living things in a range of habitats in local and wider environments
  • Observe similarities and differences among plants and animals in different local habitats
  • Develop an awareness that air, water, soil, living and non-living things are essential to the environment
  • Begin to recognise that people, animals and plants depend on one another
  • Realise that there is both an individual and a community responsibility for taking care of the environment
  • Identify, discuss and implement simple strategies for improving and caring for the environment
    caring for clothes, toys and other possessions
    caring for living things in the locality
    keeping home, classroom, school and play spaces clean, tidy and safe
  • Identify and help to implement simple strategies for protecting, conserving and enhancing the environment
    planting trees, flowers
    developing a school garden
    engaging in anti-litter campaigns
  • Become aware of ways in which the environment can be polluted or harmed
    litter, pollution, vandalism