Approaches and methodologies

Visits and field trips to areas undergoing change

Children can be encouraged to appreciate how humans can affect their environment through visits and field trips to areas that are changing.

These could include:

  • A field that is becoming a building site, which shouldn’t be too hard to find!
  • A river that is being drained or whose course is being altered
  • A derelict area being converted into an industrial centre
  • Mountain land being planted with conifers
  • A telecommunications aerial being erected on a hillside or roadside
  • Fields whose size is being increased through the removal of hedgerows

The sites visited should help children develop a balanced understanding that human influences on local and natural environments are widespread, in rural as well as urban areas. Children can make annotated drawings of the areas visited. Follow-up visits can help them record the changes and developments observed in the area over an extended period.