The green schools programme

Green schools opportunities for subject linking to the curriculum


  • Promote personal development and well being
  • Develop citizenship and a sense of personal and social responsibility
  • Promote communication, co-operation, and working with others
  • Encourage media awareness
  • Source of topics for essays, poetry, etc


  • Promote communication skills, public speaking, debates, etc
  • Potential for many activities involving speaking and writing


  • Creation of posters/murals/fashion to aid environmental awareness
  • Study of materials and their properties


  • Develop a scientific approach to problem-solving
  • Promote communication of ideas, report writing, and presentation
  • Develop a critical understanding of environmental issues at local and global level
  • Study of human and natural environments (sustainable management of resources, etc.)
  • Examine the impact of the environment on people‚Äôs health in different historical periods


  • Reusing old materials to create musical instruments


  • Provide real life situations for mathematical analysis
  • Use of charts and graphs, introduction to database management