The green schools programme

Does green-schools participation make a difference? 

Yes it does – according to the results from research!

Since the introduction of the Green-Schools programme in Ireland in 1997, there was significant anecdotal evidence of a substantial reduction of levels of litter and waste in participating schools. In 2001, a Green-Schools research project was undertaken to accurately record and measure the performance of the programme. Two aspects of the Green-Schools programme were investigated;

  • The diversion of waste from landfill achieved by schools participating in the programme
  • The effect of the programme on the levels of student environmental awareness, behaviour towards the environment, and opinion leadership towards the environment

Schools that had been awarded the Green Flag were diverting on average 45% of their waste away from landfill in comparison to schools that were not participating in the programme. In fact, several of the awarded schools were very close to achieving zero waste, with some producing as little as 2 grams of waste per person per day.