Teaching Maths with ICT

Getting started

When considering teaching mathematics with the support of an interactive whiteboard, it helps if:

  • You get some initial training on how to switch it on, load software and write on it

  • You buy some ready-made interactive whiteboard designed maths software – since it takes time to prepare all your own, and this should give you ready-made lessons as well as ideas of what can be done (see later for recommended software)

  • You find out about training opportunities, especially about how to adapt your teaching to make your lessons interactive

  • You talk to colleagues about sharing materials so that you don’t all develop the same things

  • You are aware that the more you use the board, the easier things become

  • You use it and tell pupils you will learn with them, making sure that you let pupils come to the board and write on it so that they learn to use it

  • You don’t worry too much about making technical mistakes, the pupils can usually help you

  • You consider the use of the Internet (if connected) as there are thousands of ready-made resources for you to use