Teaching Maths with ICT

Developing competency in ICT

This has led to an agreed view that teachers pass through three broad phases as they develop both competence in the use of the technology and fluency in operating software to maximum advantage. The following descriptors and criteria have been used to describe approaches within the three phases:

Supported Didactic

This approach is characterised by the teacher making some use of the IWB but only as a visual support to the lesson and not as an integral strategy for conceptual development. The effect is that pupils see the use of the IWB as a novelty in the lesson but in pedagogic terms it illustrates, rather then develops concepts.


This approach marks progression from the supported didactic stage because the IWB is used to incorporate elements of the lesson that challenge pupils to think by using a variety of verbal, visual and aesthetic stimuli. With this approach there are times when the teacher makes use of conventional approaches to ensure cognitive development and there is evidence of occasional lack of confidence in the technology or its teaching power. The IWB is no longer a novelty to the pupils, and is integrated into teaching and learning but its full potential is not developed.

Enhanced interactive

This approach is a progression from the previous stage marked by a change of thinking on the part of the teacher who seeks to use the technology as an integral part of most teaching in most lessons and who looks to integrate concept and cognitive development in a way that exploits the interactive capacity of the technology. As a result teachers are aware of the techniques that are available, are fluent in their use and structure the lesson so that there is considerable opportunity for pupils to respond to IWB stimuli either as individuals, pairs or groups, with enhanced active learning.

Enhancing mathematics teaching through deploying new technologies such as interactive whiteboards will be driven by quality software that will support enhanced interactive teaching. We have a selection of these quality activities for you to investigate later in this module.