Teaching Maths with ICT

Maximising interactivity

To support this work teachers have identified and then explored the need to maximise interactivity between themselves, the pupils and the learning materials by making use of ‘manipulations’ (ways that one might use features of the IWB) and ‘virtual manipulatives’ (on-screen objects that might be used as an aid to understanding) on the IWB in the following ways:

  • The opportunity to use ‘manipulation’ and ‘virtual manipulatives’ so that concepts can be illustrated and worked upon by the pupil
  • The growth of shared evaluation as well as shared material is leading to an enhancement of teaching and learning amongst people in a way that would not grow naturally within schools
  • The use of the IWB as the focus of the lesson with pupils working with their own whiteboards, and coming up to the IWB to produce answers, to illustrate concepts and to explain processes
  • The possibility of immediacy of feedback either through programmed software or through the use of presentational tool
  • The use of materials in a way that can be differentiated on the same board although not perceived to be obviously so by the pupils by a range of staged examples