Teaching Maths with ICT

The reasons

The benefits and advantages are many. Take a look at the key reasons for making greater use of ICT and multimedia resources in the Maths classroom:

  • Because the future is here. ICT is the learning and teaching tool of the 21st century. By teaching pupils using ICT, you’re not only helping them learn better; you’re preparing them for a workplace – a world – already dominated by the computer. This is today’s technology, not tomorrow’s.
  • Because pupils love it! Incorporating ICT and multimedia resources into your lessons is a great way to reach your pupils – using technologies, devices and applications that they already love to use in the rest of their lives.
  • Because it helps develop teaching professionals too. Teaching using ICT offers you the chance to inject new passion into your subject, to adopt fresh approaches to familiar material, and to develop new skills to expand your own career potential.
  • Because it saves time and energy. According to the 2003 ICT in School survey, the majority of Government-funded schools report that ICT ‘helps reduce teacher workload in terms of lesson preparation, planning and assessment’.
  • Oh! And because it’s fun…