Purchasing considerations

Additional considerations

The following relevant points should be noted when considering introducing interactive whiteboards to a school.

  • Before purchasing an interactive whiteboard the school should ensure that it will be used appropriately to engage with pupils. Will the whiteboard re-enforce the ‘sage on the stage’ role of the teacher-directed classroom, or will it facilitate the ‘guide on the side’ teach role and student-centred learning?
  • Interactive whiteboard should be located in classrooms, not in computer rooms
  • Which teacher(s) will use the board? Given the expense of the board, there may be some degree of local negotiation needed to decide priority access.
  • Will the board simply be an expensive projection screen?
  • Will the board work with the particular computer platform(s) in the school and with platforms about to be used in the school?
  • Will the whiteboard need to be freestanding or fixed to a wall?
  • The size of the board should be sufficient to enable all pupils to clearly see the contents of the board
  • To enable all students and teachers to reach all parts of the board, a height adjustable type is preferred
  • Is the software supplied with the whiteboard appropriate for the needs of the school?
  • Consider if the digital projector should be ceiling mounted or portable?
  • How and where will teachers prepare lessons using the interactive whiteboard?
  • How and when will staff receive training on using the interactive whiteboard?
  • What is the situation regarding licensing of the software that comes with the board?