Purchasing considerations

Whiteboard option - more details

Please note the prices shown are indicative.  For up-to-date figures check the relevant websites.

Option 1: make your own whiteboard interactive and use your existing projector

Approx cost €800 - €1000 - Products eBeam or Mimio

Attach these devices to your existing whiteboard a matching stylus is supplied, and use your own Data Projector; installation not required.

eBeam comes with: Receiver, USB cable, stylus pen and notebook software
Mimio comes with: receiver, USB cable, stylus pen and notebook software

eBeam supplier: Rainbow Education Wexford, www.rainboweducation.ie
Mimio supplier: Diskovery Software www.diskovery.ie

Option 2: Purchase interactive whiteboard only and use your own projector

Boards come with note making software; more expensive boards come with their own resources:

3M Board – Cost: €1600 - supplier:3M
SMART Board – €2800 - suppliers: Toomey Audiovisual www.toomeyav.ie
Interwrite Board - €1900- suppliers: GDK www.gdk.ie
Hitachi Board-€2300 - (portable options available) can be used as regular whiteboard
Supplier Meritec www.meritec.ie ; SquareOne www.squareone.ie

Option 3: Board and projector package including installation

Interwrite €4000 – Schoolboard which includes Projector, speakers and installation
Suppliers: GDK, or Imex
3M Projector with eBeam €4600 - - ‘super close’ Projector, and eBeam; Suppliers: 3M
(Promethean) €5500 - with Board, Projector and Speakers; includes installation
Suppliers: www.Prim-Ed.com
Hitachi Board- €4800—with Board, Projector and speakers including installation;
Suppliers: Meritec www.meritec.ie
SMART Board -€5000 - - with Board, Projector and Speakers; includes installation
Suppliers: Toomey Audiovisual www.toomeyav.ie

Other relevant questions when requesting a quotation:

  • Is there local technical support in case there are hardware or software failures?
  • What is the duration of the suppliers warranty?
  • Is there a charge to receive future software upgrades, or will these be free of charge?