Purchasing considerations

Technical and functional


There are two main technical issues: image resolution and tracking capability. High resolution aids handwriting recognition (1000 lines per inch resolution results in extremely good recognition of handwriting). High tracking speed means that writing and drawings appear on the screen virtually as they are executed. Lower tracking speeds delay execution which can be disconcerting. A tracking speed of 200 inches per second is sufficient for most applications.


Not all interactive whiteboard software packages offer the same functions. You need to check if a particular product allows users to:

  • Draw or write on the board using different coloured pens or even fingers
  • Print out or save the results to the computer
  • Use advanced letter recognition systems that convert handwriting to text that can be edited
  • Support remote voting or feedback
  • Store sequences of screens for playback
  • Control computer applications via the screen interface
  • Customise the screen appearance