Magnetism and electricity in the primary curriculum

First and second class

Strand unit: Magnetism and electricity

The child should be enabled to:

  • Use magnets of different shapes and sizes in purposeful play to explore their effects on different materials
    design and make a fishing game using a magnet
  • Investigate that magnets attract magnetic materials, such as iron and steel
  • Investigate that magnets attract certain materials through other materials
    magnets attracting materials through water, glass, plastic
  • Explore the effects of static electricity
  • Become aware of the uses of electricity in school and at home
  • Identify some household appliances that use electricity
  • Cecome aware of the dangers of electricity

Strand unit: Forces

The child should be enabled to:

  • Explore how objects may be moved by pushing and pulling
  • Become aware of and explore how moving water and moving air can make things move design and make a land yacht that can be used for carrying toys for a set distance
  • Observe and investigate the movement of objects such as toys on various materials
    and surfaces
    level and inclined surfaces
    rough and smooth surfaces
  • Investigate how forces act on objects
    investigate floating and sinking with a wide range of materials and objects
    make and test predictions about objects that will sink or float
    group objects that will sink or float
    investigate how some objects may be made to float by hollowing them out