Magnetism and electricity in the primary curriculum


Strand unit: Magnetism and electricity

The child should be enabled to:

  • Use magnets of different shapes and sizes in purposeful play to explore their effects on different materials
  • Investigate the fact that magnets attract certain materials design and make a container (incorporating a magnet) that will keep all teacher’s paper clips together
  • Become aware of the uses of electricity in school and at home
  • Identify some household appliances that use electricity
  • Become aware of the dangers of electricity

Strand unit: Forces

The child should be enabled to:

  • Explore, through informal activity with toys, forces such as pushing and pulling
  • Explore how the shape of objects can be changed by squashing, pulling and other forces
  • Investigate how forces act on objects
    through experimenting with different materials
    group objects that will float or sink
    push objects into water