Interactive whiteboards in detail

Recent developments

Recent developments include a ‘one touch’ power-on button, to start all three hardware components. Other developments include rear-projection and portable units (where the data projector is housed inside a large trolley, and uses a mirror system to shine through the front-mounted board), and indeed boards which are ‘hardware only’ (they come only with basic OS drivers) which allow you (subject to licensing of course) to use other-board software.

Also available is generic interactive whiteboard software (such as Easiteach from RM) that will run on all brands of boards.

There are solutions available to schools which already have invested in a computer and data projector for use with their existing classroom whiteboards. Attachments can be bought which add a high level of interactivity to the system.

Many of the Board systems now come with (sometimes optional) tablets that can be passed around a classroom for students and from which the information on the Board can be manipulated.