The Jolly Phonics programme

What is the aim of Jolly Phonics?

The aim of the Jolly Phonics Programme is to teach children to read and write through an early systematic phonics programme. This means that the children are taught the main 42 sounds of English, not just the alphabet sounds. With this knowledge they are taken through stages of blending sounds to form words and then to reading.

At the same time they are taught to write by identifying the sounds in words and relating the letters to those sounds. The Phonics Handbook provides a programme for the first year of learning to read and write, the first 8-9 weeks of which will be spent learning the letter sounds. That is one letter sound a day. It is multi-sensory, active and particularly suitable for young children.

The Phonics Handbook contains step-by-step guidance for the teacher, with photocopiable worksheets for the children. The structured approach is suited to a whole school, whole class approach, but it also works well with individual children. Teachers following this method of teaching can be assured that their children will read and write independently much more quickly. A timetable of the initial 9/10 week programme is provided.