Drawing in the curriculum


Strand Unit: Making drawings: The child should be enabled to:

  • Experiment with the marks that can be made with different drawing instruments on a range of surfaces. E.g. wriggly, smudgy, gritty, very light, very dark / crayons, soft pencils, chalks, textured papers / exploring the mark-making possibilities of computer drawing tools
  • Make drawings based on vividly recalled feelings, real and imaginative experiences and stories. E.g. home and play / dreams and longings / special occasions
  • Discover and draw line and shape as seen in natural and manufactured objects and discover that lines can make shapes. E.g. line in stones, leaves, hanks of yarn / curvy, straight-edged, big, small, simple,complicated shapes
  • Explore the relationship between how things feel and how they look, texture in natural and manufactured objects, interpreting some of these textures in mark-making and rubbings.

Strand unit: Looking and responding: The child should be enabled to:

  • Look at and talk about his/her work, the work of other children and the work of artists. E.g. describing what is happening in the drawing / the different kinds of marks made / how he/she enjoyed making the drawing / how the artist might have worked / his/her favourite part.