Integrated learning

Integrating science with other subject areas

The links between science and other curricular areas are highlighted in the curriculum. Science has special links with SPHE, visual arts, mathematics and language. In particular:

SPHE: the objectives of the strand unit ‘Myself ‘ link with and are developed in the strand Myself in the SPHE curriculum

Mathematics: the skills outlined in ‘Working Scientifically’ and ‘Designing and Making’ can contribute to the child’s mathematical development. The problem-solving skills that children develop in mathematical contexts are relevant to the scientific approach to investigating the world Integrated learning

Visual Arts: the skills outlined in Designing and making and the tasks suggested in the exemplars in the science curriculum are equally dependent on the child’s aesthetic awareness and craft-handling skills

Language: recording and communicating play an integral role in all stages of the scientific process. Science contributes to extending and refining pupils’ vocabularies and encourages them to present their ideas and findings clearly and precisely in oral and written form.