Integrated learning


Planning for linkage and integration ensures that this will happen.

Integrated learning, both within subjects and between curricular areas, is an important principle of the curriculum.

Linkage could take place

  • Within science: The science curriculum is presented in four strands. Teachers will find that studies based on the strand ‘Living Things’ will give rise to the consideration of topics delineated in Environmental awareness and care. It is through the strand and strand units of the science curriculum that the children will be provided with opportunities for the simultaneous development of skills and knowledge.

Integration could take place 

  • Within SESE: Many opportunities exist for links to be made between science and geography

The close alignment of skills outlined in the sections ‘Working scientifically’ and ‘Geographical investigation skills’ demonstrates how the processes of science can be applied to geographical investigations. There will also be opportunities during geography for pupils to undertake designing and making tasks as they construct models of environmental features.

The study of Living things will link to and complement the topics outlined in natural environments in the geography curriculum. The units defined in this strand, which are based on weather, rocks and soil, water and astronomy, should be planned so that the content objectives can be achieved through science and geography. The strand Environmental awareness and care is common to the science and the geography curricula.