The teacher’s planning

Approaches and methodologies - part 2 

Providing for individual differences

Providing for a broad and differentiated curriculum is necessary to fulfil the social and learning needs of individual pupils. Activities should be planned that are appropriate to the children’s levels of ability and experience. Teachers should consider

  • Using a combination of whole-class teaching and focused group work
  • Planning topics that provide opportunities for further investigative work for the more able or less able
  • Planning units of work that are based in familiar contexts
  • Starting with the child, his/her ideas and level of understanding
  • Providing opportunities for interacting and working with other children in small groups
  • Allowing children to work with concrete materials
  • Inviting parents and other support people to work with mixed-ability groups to assist the more able or less able child
  • Using investigations as the basis for practical work. Children respond differently to open-ended tasks according to their existing knowledge and understanding. Open investigations provide opportunities for children to pursue their solutions to problems.