Teaching visual arts

The curriculum

The curriculum provides opportunities for activities that incorporate art, craft and design in two- and three-dimensional media, both in making activities and in responding to works of art, craft and design. The two dimensional media are drawing, painting and print, and they include collage. The three-dimensional media are clay, construction and work in fabric and fibre, some of which have traditionally been referred to as craft activities and are now further developed as a creative process.

It is important to maintain a balance between activities in two- and three-dimensional media to give children a real sense of the three dimensional nature of the world they live in as well as an imaginative capacity for expressing it on a flat surface. Drawing has primary importance in this curriculum. It is through drawing that children’s development in art is most evident. Because it is something most young children do naturally, it is particularly important in promoting visual awareness and the ability to record what is seen, felt or imagined. Drawing activities also help to develop a confident and expressive use of materials and tools.