Skills development in infant classes

The skills of designing and making 


  • Handle and manipulate a range of materials in structured and unstructured situations
  • Observe, investigate and describe familiar objects
    state what he/she likes or dislikes about objects
    discuss why people have a need for them


  • Imagine and suggest a possible object to be made
  • Choose appropriate materials from a given limited range
  • Talk about the plan and communicate it to others
     - through discussion
     - through drawing pictures
     - through modelling materials such as sand, Plasticine and Duplo


  • Make simple objects
    understand that materials can be linked together
  • Develop craft-handling skills and techniques needed to carry out the plan
    cutting and tearing, assembling, sticking, moulding or modelling, tying knots, folding
  • Use a range of tools
    scissors, pencils, hole-punch, ruler (for tearing)
  • Use a range of materials
    reclaimable domestic ‘waste’, Plasticine, adhesives, construction kits, string, cardboard, straws, paper fasteners, paper clips, adhesive tape, pipe cleaners, clay, fabric, papier mache


  • Talk about own work during design and making tasks
  • Report to others on what has been done
  • Discuss the work of peers in a positive way.