Skills development in infant classes

The skills of working scientifically 


Through completing the strand units of the science curriculum the child should be enabled to ask questions about animals and plants, familiar objects and events in the immediate environment:

What is it? Where does it live?
What do you hear, see or smell?
How does it move? What helps these plants to grow?
How many marbles can this toy boat carry?
Which material will make the best umbrella?


  • Use the senses to observe animals, plants, objects and events in the immediate environment
  • Observe characteristics such as the shape, size, colour, pattern, texture, sound and smell of familiar things in the local environment
  • Observe differences and similarities hot/cold, wet/dry, heavy/light


  • Guess and suggest what will happen next in structured situations
    What will happen to the ruler if we place it in water?
    I think it will float/I think it will sink

Investigating and experimenting

  • Carry out simple investigations set by the teacher, make observations and collect data

Estimating and measuring

  • Describe mass and length using non-standard units and informal language
  • Compare and estimate is bigger than, is heavier than
  • Match objects of equal length